Sitting on the balcony, drawing my dad.

Hope all you fathers out there have been enjoying your day. My dad and I sort of celebrated yesterday, when I invited him over to sit for me for some drawings on my balcony over homemade lemonade and cookies. Then we enjoyed a viewing of Les triplettes de Belleville, an awesome animated movie from 2003 which was an international co-production (France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Canada) and was nominated for a couple of Academy Awards. Having been thoroughly entertained and impresses with the level of artistry in this nearly wordless production,  I see what all the fuss was about.

The two adorable mutts in my dad’s arms are my Coco and his Lulu, a high energy girl who is sweet and calm once she’s settled down. In the background is a large drawing I did of my dad just minutes before I took this photo. You can view it, along with preliminary sketches I did, on my other blog,


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