Simple Pleasures

Well, goodness knows I often whine and moan about the things that bother me, so I thought I should report that I’ve had a wonderful day today. The weather was warm, but not too, so that when I got home after Coco’s early evening walk I was inspired to clean the two windows looking out onto my back balcony, a task which was beyond overdue. It took at least a couple of hours, but what made this chore fun was listening to Any Human Heart by William Boyd. I was about two-thirds of the way through the novel, and up until today I’d found it good, but no more; was actually quite indifferent to it in fact, but today the last part became really interesting to me. Goodness knows I usually put off chores until well after they should decently be done, but when armed with a really good audiobook, they become wonderful excuses to do some great reading (of course, now that I’ve mentioned the book, I’ll have to come back and post my review here when I get around to writing it). After all that work; climbing up and down a ladder and going back and forth indoors to outdoors to make the glass perfectly streak-free; seeing the beautiful view outside through the suddenly clear openings, with the giant tree next door filling the alley with a profusion of greenery, bits of blue and pink dusky skies peeking through, was just lovely. And then passing by my bedroom with my beautiful new bedding (went to Ikea and replaced very tatty old duvet cover with a lovely new design) on which Coco was peacefully having a snooze, while preparing a quick dinner of vegetarian chilli (bought ready-made from the health food store) and rice; because it was actually possible to turn on the stove-top without dying of heatstroke… All in all, it was a very simple, but highly satisfying day.

Now that I’ve got the windows taken care of and will be finishing this audiobook tonight, I’ll have to find an equally engrossing one to encourage me to finally take on cleaning my barbecue. Another boring task offering great listening potential that is sure to reap plenty of rewards over the next couple of months.


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