“And how big is your dongle?”

This little gem of a sketch had been sitting in my inbox, overlooked for the past few months. Good thing I finally decided to sort out my emails before trashing the lot, as would have been a real shame to miss this one. Something tells me my mum will enjoy it, but I watched it three times myself and am still cracking up!


8 thoughts on ““And how big is your dongle?”

  1. Thanks for providing the explanation Heather. You did a better job than I would have, because while I know what an Xbox is, I didn’t catch the reference to the 360—am a bit behind the times myself I guess… :-)

    I love the sketch too. I think I’ve watched it half a dozen times by now, and still don’t tire of it. It must be said that those actors are excellent.

  2. Too funny!
    I also didn’t catch the eggsbox reference at first but now it has me cracking up! Simply hilarious. Thanks for posting, perfect sketch/laugh to start off this morning.

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