A Lovely Day for a Birthday!


Today I found a bunch of b-day greetings when I peeked at my email and on my LibraryThing page before heading to art class in the morning, then off to my painting class to work on a fun ongoing project, and best of all, doing work that I’m really happy with as well as proud of (see: Pascale, Step 2). I received a call at midday from a flower delivery man who said he’d left something for me at my landlord’s, then throughout the day I received loads of greetings on Facebook from friends, some of whom I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Gotta love FB with their b-day reminders! :-)

I picked up my flowers as soon as I got home: a huge bunch of pink peonies, which are my favourite spring flower, and most unexpected because a) they’re not usually available by July b) they were sent by a relatively new friend of mine. I didn’t make any plans whatsoever for the evening, as I was really looking forward to some downtime after all the excitement of the weekend, what with a family reunion in Ottawa for my aunt’s 70th birthday, then a flurry of activity with my photo group yesterday, followed by a big meltdown when I met with my OT (too much excitement and not enough rest will do it) then today’s full-day class, so that’s what I treated myself to: a quiet evening at home, with my three beloved furkids, just hanging out. Not much different from my usual, you might say, but I happen to like my usual. I did indulge in a major splurge by ordering a bunch of appetizers from one of my favourite restaurants called Molivos, who make authentic, fresh and delicious Greek food. They’re somewhat upscale and priced accordingly, and I basically ordered enough for a small army; all of it keeps nicely in the fridge so I’ll be able to eat the leftovers over the next couple of few days. Haven’t treated myself to a nice meal like that in a long time. Tomorrow (I’ve just now decided) I’m calling a spa and booking a 90 minute massage. That’s another indulgence I keep forgetting to treat myself to!


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