I’m a Retard

So I’m really nervous right now. I had signed up for a class called “Sketching on Site” a few weeks back (on Mondays), not realizing that I’d be missing the 1st of 4 classes with my family reunion last week. Then I thought I’d best cancel the class as I might not get my money’s worth and miss too much. I left a message at the Visual Arts Centre and they had the teacher call me. She called me yesterday and told me they’d be meeting bright and early at the mountain (that would be Mount Royal, which is at the centre of the city and sort of our Central Park… only all on a hill as it’s a small mountain.) We had some rain today, and may have more tomorrow (thunderstorms, maybe), so there are a couple of contingencies planned, with two possible sites as meeting points depending on rain or no rain. Right away, that makes me nervous. What if there’s just a bit or rain? Or lots of rain and then it stops? Where do we meet then? Won’t the group end up being split up? I was pretty decided to just cancel the class and avoid all the hassle, because it all makes me feel really anxious, but today I went and bought a camp stool at Canadian Tire, so seems I sort of decided I’m going. But it’s a major hassle and I’m not up to it. Only now I’ve left a message with the teacher asking exactly what materials to bring, when really, I don’t want to have to get up tomorrow morning because I’m a nervous wreck and probably won’t be able to get a decent night’s sleep. And then, it’s already late and I wanted to do a bunch of things and now I can’t decide what to do first, so I’m wasting time being a neurotic mess! Oy. Being me is no picnic I tell ya.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Retard

  1. sounds like those times when I pretend I’m the Girl Scouts’ Appointed Leader; get the bunch of my me’s together; and point them straight to… somewhere. (Besides, what’s a picnic without sand and/or ants wanting to share your sandwich? (xxx)

    • Sans and ants, yes, unless you’re really smart and hold the picnic indoors, see? So that’s where I decided to keep myself.

      Btw, the picnic in the living room story must have made quite an impression on Helene because she mentioned it the other day at her 70th…

  2. you poor little thing …. ;)))
    (now all i want to know is: did you stay or did you go?)
    hugs & kisses from (sunny) rotterdam xxx

    • Hi my dear. I decided to stay, that if I’d really wanted to go, I wouldn’t have made myself sick over it. I’ve just asked the school to credit me toward my next art class, because of course, there’ll be others. xx

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