DIY Book Sculpture

The above, seen today on Flavorpill, seems like a most creative (if impractical) kind of solution for dealing with all those piles of books you find spilling over from the always too limited shelf-space. On their original post, you’ll find 14 other (also mostly impractical) Inspiring, Cleverly-Organized Stacks of Books.

Which is your favourite? Do you have other ideas to suggest, or better yet, show us?


7 thoughts on “DIY Book Sculpture

    • Right. The creation taking days is a given I think, but the impractical part to me is: what do you do if you actually want to read one of the books acting as a support?

      • I guess…you do it for books as decoration and not books that you actually want to read. I know I have books that I’ve already read (and probably won’t reread) and I put them somewhere different than the books I know I’ll read again and again, or books I haven’t yet read.

        Or…you just start over, like books are legos.

      • I guess I’d have to start all over, because I don’t usually keep books around that I don’t intend on rereading. I mean… who has room for that with new books always coming in??

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