Doing what he does best:


This is my Coco, doing what he does best, i.e. looking ridiculously cute. I took him to the groomer’s for his quarterly visit last week, and can’t get over how soft he is. Now whenever people ask what breed he is, I say he’s a toy poodle crossed with a lamb. One lady actually believed me yesterday. No joke! Sheesh.


4 thoughts on “Doing what he does best:

  1. the lineman from Hydro-Québec in St-Antoine? wanting to know if Kopeck’s delicate, eighty-kilo frame was the result of cross-breeding with a bear? I said yes, Sir: a Bouvier des Flandres for a mother, and a black bear for a father. The man’s response? “That’s what I figured.”

    • Are you sure he wasn’t pulling your leg? The lady the other day, when I told her about Coco’s unlikely mix said “NO, really?!” and looked very earnest when she said it too. I was so taken aback I had no idea how to reply, so I just smiled at her and led my little lamb away.

  2. btw that’s eighty pounds, not kilo for Kopeck; I get confused in my fahrenheits vs centigrades. No, the lineman seemed to mean it, although I’m sure he reconsidered the matter later. In full winter coat? Kopeck was bear-like in appearance (but also the only dog I ever owned with a sense of irony, not only humor.) xxx

    • Actually, thinking back on how massive he was, I’m thinking 80 kilo was probably right. That would be about 176 lbs, which is probably what an average man weighs.

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