Beware Rabid Bus Drivers

Public Enemy Number One?

I took Coco to the vet today to have a look at a lump I discovered last week, which turns out is just a fat deposit, which is what I suspected, but I wanted to be sure. Apparently he may be getting more of them, as seems it’s a very common thing for aging dogs. He also has an eye infection, so I got an ointment for that.

On the way back home, I took the bus to get to the nearest metro station. I should specify this was during rush hour. The driver started screaming at me as I was stepping onto the full vehicle. I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, but as I was in the process of closing the carrier bag, I understood he was very upset because he apparently thought I was set on disobeying the rule about pets being required to be completely enclosed. He turned off the ignition because of course Coco got upset with the whole scene and wouldn’t get down inside the bag, so it took a while to get it closed up. Why all that drama when I was readily complying to the rule? I was so incensed I allowed myself a derogatory comment (about how he obviously had never had it in him to become a cardiac surgeon or something). I made my way inside the crowded bus to get away from this ranting maniac, at which he started screaming at me again, accusing me of opening the bag (what?? why?!?) and stopped the bus again, demanding I go stand next to him so he could keep his eye on me. I asked people around me to bear witness that the bag was closed, but of course everyone pretended I just didn’t exist a that point. I didn’t want to hold up everyone, since this guy wasn’t going anywhere until he got the satisfaction of me standing next to him so he could spill his wrath on me. I wasn’t about to endure more of this harassment, so I told him to let me off the bus, which he did (illegally at that, because we weren’t even at a stop). I took down the number of the bus, then I immediately called the public transit service to file a complaint. I told them I wanted to receive a confirmation that the driver had been taken to task, saying otherwise I would contact the media about abusive drivers. I will not stand for persecution when I’m following the rules. Insane.

Forgive me for this rant, but it all just seems so surreal I had to share. I’m reticent as it is to take public transport because it seems every time I do there is some majorly unpleasant incident. To be fair, I must say on the whole I find bus drivers here very kind and courteous. This guy would be better off working as a janitor in a basement somewhere, well away from the public.


4 thoughts on “Beware Rabid Bus Drivers

  1. And this is why I don’t live in a populated area… too many cranky people – too close!
    Something totally unrelated may have happened in his life that pushed him over the edge… which is no excuse for his abuse and disruptive behavior toward you. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. Just be glad you live with Coco and not him!

    • Yes, city living does make for a lot of stressed out, rude people who take out their frustrations on the closest body at hand. In this case, he did mention something about having gotten in trouble with dog owners before. I’ve already put this incident behind me and forgotten about it, because yes, I did reflect how lucky I was to go home with my bunny-bear and not having to live with a ranting fury!

    • Glad it made you smile my dear. You’re right, I absolutely do seem to attract these strange occurrences. One day I’ll figure out what that’s all about. Maybe. :-)

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