A Day at the Opera


I went to the Metropolitan Opera with my dad today. At the cinema that is, with one of those direct live screenings which have become so popular. The opera in question was called The Nose, which is based on a famous short story by Nikolai Gogol, about a petty bureaucrat who wakes up one day to discover his nose is missing. When he goes in search of it, he discovers his nose has become an independent character and occupies a much higher rank in society than he does. It’s a completely absurd story of course, and I was intensely curious to see how the stage production would look, as the Met approached South African artist William Kentridge (click to see a video from PBS), about doing stage production, and this had been the opera of his choice. There were many graphics and animations accompanying the singers and chorus on stage, as well as a man walking around in a papier maché man-sized nose. The music score is by Shostakovich, and the production had reportedly been presented during the Met’s 2010 season to much acclaim. I can certainly see why. It was a visual feast and a completely surreal experience. Oh and the music and singing was pretty good too.


7 thoughts on “A Day at the Opera

  1. I can’t offer any comments regarding this specific opera because I have not seen it, nor the documentary film. Your comments intrigue.

    I simply want to say I’m happy to find a post from you. It’s been quite a while (I’ve been pretty quiet myself as well). I hope you’ll share your thoughts again (at whatever pace suits you). You’ve been missed.

    • Thank you so much for your message Jonas. It’s a fact I haven’t been very communicative this past year, and that goes across the board. But it sure is nice to know my absence is noticed. I think I got overwhelmed with all the social media platforms calling for our time and attention and more or less went into shutdown mode. But getting messages like yours (though yours are always unique) makes it worthwhile to make that extra effort to reach out and leave some kind of sign of life. Hope you are well. And yes, I’ll try to post here on occasion.

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