Talking to Myself

Uh oh, I’ve been lax. Didn’t realize nearly two weeks have gone by since my last post. The thing is I have a bunch posts lined up in the draft stages, if only I could just get them edited and out there. I found today’s video following a conversation I was just having with a dear friend on LibraryThing. She’s been let go from work recently and very understandably having a hard time of it. Like me, she’s been living on her own for a long time, and was saying that she masks the fact that she talks to herself by pretending to address her cat. I talk to my pets all the time, but I don’t think it makes it look any better. At least when you talk to yourself, you’re talking to a relatively logical being who understands the language you speak. Anyway, I googled “talking to myself video” and came up with the following, which I thought was pretty funny:


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