Man with Pens & An Announcement

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 12.43.57 PM

I posted the above gallery on my art blog, createthreesixty5.com a little while ago, and for reasons I fail to understand, that blog post failed to publicize on Facebook and other linked sites as it usually does. I’m posting this preview page of the gallery to alert those who aren’t subscribers to my other blog that I’ve completed that project, so if you’d like to see the completed image and photos of the process it took me to get there, just click on the image above which will take you there.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that I’ll be taking on a small number of commissions for portraits of people and pets, working from photos in a similar approach (“black & white” graphite on paper). My technique is very meticulous and slow going, so I can only accept a handful of projects before the holidays, but would love to put my talents toward providing gifts to loved ones and friends. Send me a quick message if you’re interested and we’ll take it from there!

Tanti Auguri, Birthday Girl!


Today is Monica Vitti’s 81st birthday, so I thought I’d send her best wishes and show her beautiful face in her prime to embellish my blog (besides which, current photos of her proved nearly impossible to find). I’ve heard of her since I was very young, but I don’t believe I ever saw a movie she was in, so I decided to have a little Vitti festival by borrowing L’Avventura (1960), La Notte (1961, with Marcello Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau), and Eclipse (1962, with Alain Delon) from the library, all in Italian with English subtitles, and all directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and forming his famous “trilogy on modernity and its discontents”. According to wikipedia, Antonioni “redefined the concept of narrative cinema” and challenged traditional approaches to storytelling, realism, drama, and the world at large. He produced “enigmatic and intricate mood pieces” and rejected action in favor of contemplation, focusing on image and design over character and story. His films defined a “cinema of possibilities”. Should be interesting. And nice to look at!


A Lovely Day for a Birthday!


Today I found a bunch of b-day greetings when I peeked at my email and on my LibraryThing page before heading to art class in the morning, then off to my painting class to work on a fun ongoing project, and best of all, doing work that I’m really happy with as well as proud of (see: Pascale, Step 2). I received a call at midday from a flower delivery man who said he’d left something for me at my landlord’s, then throughout the day I received loads of greetings on Facebook from friends, some of whom I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Gotta love FB with their b-day reminders! :-)

I picked up my flowers as soon as I got home: a huge bunch of pink peonies, which are my favourite spring flower, and most unexpected because a) they’re not usually available by July b) they were sent by a relatively new friend of mine. I didn’t make any plans whatsoever for the evening, as I was really looking forward to some downtime after all the excitement of the weekend, what with a family reunion in Ottawa for my aunt’s 70th birthday, then a flurry of activity with my photo group yesterday, followed by a big meltdown when I met with my OT (too much excitement and not enough rest will do it) then today’s full-day class, so that’s what I treated myself to: a quiet evening at home, with my three beloved furkids, just hanging out. Not much different from my usual, you might say, but I happen to like my usual. I did indulge in a major splurge by ordering a bunch of appetizers from one of my favourite restaurants called Molivos, who make authentic, fresh and delicious Greek food. They’re somewhat upscale and priced accordingly, and I basically ordered enough for a small army; all of it keeps nicely in the fridge so I’ll be able to eat the leftovers over the next couple of few days. Haven’t treated myself to a nice meal like that in a long time. Tomorrow (I’ve just now decided) I’m calling a spa and booking a 90 minute massage. That’s another indulgence I keep forgetting to treat myself to!

Show & Tell

"My" wall 08/06/11. Comments received: "innovation, bold & bright, fearless, your love for colour shows", "wonderful energy", "dynamism. strong sense of linking colour and expression", "scattered yet structured, Raunchy pinkness" (was my comment), "Belle exploration abstraite. Bon mariage du signe et de la couleur dans l'espace.", "clean. direct. conflict & resolution. pure" (was teacher's comment), "Black forms very strong", "heartfelt, Natural, ORDER folklore (connecting direction)", "STRONG—BOLD + BEAUTIFUL"

3 small paintings (left) are missing from “my” wall in pic above. This was an exercise in monotone + complementary colour.

It was a BIG day for me today. Was our last Abstract Watercolours class of the session, and the teacher had said that we wouldn’t do any painting today, but instead, she would start by showing us a Powerpoint presentation of some abstract works by various artist she pulled together, then each of us would display the work we did during the course, like a little private show that we each got to put up on the wall in turn. I got up extra early this morning (night-bird that I am) to put the finishing touches on a couple of paintings, then made my way to class with what I thought were all my pieces, in astoundingly hot weather (the kind that makes you sweat when you’re just sitting still).

Once in class, I was running around helping people put up their work, photographing it with my iPhone, then taking it down, and acting as timekeeper too, to make sure everyone got a decent allotment of time up on the wall. Once the work was up, teacher asked us each to write a couple of words that came to mind, then she read all the comments out loud to the student/artists. It was really moving. I went last, and I was surprised at how emotional the experience was. Quite a few comments about my colour sense, but “Bold” was a word that came up a lot. Go figure. I was mostly surprised at just how bold my work was in fact, considering that I always set out to do delicate and seemingly fragile—quiet strength-type things—but teacher said that was a side of my work I could take my time discovering over the summer maybe.

Then, after class I had a bunch of errands to run. The Visual Arts Centre is on Victoria street in Westmount, a very quaint little street with all kinds of interesting shops and cafés in one of the more posh parts of town, and somehow I went absolutely crazy and ended up buying two pairs of sandals (the kind with really great support, like the Israeli brand, Naot), plus a pair of ballerinas from Pretty Ballerina… handmade in Italy… but on sale! And really, I swear, they had my name written all over.

Then I got home and instantly realized that I had left my three FAVOURITE watercolour paintings on the coffee table in the living room this morning, even though I’d taken my time yesterday pulling all my pieces together. Oy.

Oh well…

Above, I’ve posted a pic of what my wall looked like, along with the comments I received. Close-ups on the individual pieces as well as photos of the works of the other students will end up on createthreesixtyfive.com eventually/soon. And yes, photos from our now long past student show in April are coming up soon too.

Also, almost forgot to mention that a lady from our class offered her place for a monotype workshop this weekend at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which I jumped on. Should be fun.