A Friend of a Friend of a Friend

HEADER_Lefebvre21Above: Pierre Lefebvre, Collines (Hills), 2011, Oil on panel, 48 x 60″ (detail)

My friend Kim, whom I haven’t seen in many months is coming over in just 30 minutes or so. She’s invited me to attend a vernissage at Gallerie de Bellefeuille on Greene avenue, which is just up the hill from me, to see the work of an artist who is the friend of a close friend of hers, as she’s been wanting to introduce me to both the friend and the friend of the friend, who is apparently a hermit like me, though I’ve no idea why she thinks this is a good idea, because I’ve never heard of hermits getting along together particularly well. But I’ve seen Pierre Lefebvre’s work online and he is very talented, so should be interesting to see it and he in person at least. Also, Kim has always encouraged me to promote my art and live from it somehow and this gallery is very well known and I think she imagines I could eventually be represented there too somehow, even though I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in at least a couple of years now and have maybe all of 1.5 finished paintings to my name, and unsigned ones at that… I guess miracles are known to happen, and it’s nice knowing there are people who believe in my talent as possibly leading me somewhere eventually, even at this late stage and with the little energy I do have.




One of the very few paintings I’ve ever managed to complete. See the final stages here.


Part 2 is up: http://createthreesixty5.com/2012/09/13/incidentally-a-man-part-2/



Our last project from my summer painting class is finished now, and all I’ve got left to do is to pick up my 30 x 40″ (76 x 101 cm, though I could swear it’s larger than that) wood canvas at the studio next week once it’s dry enough to carry home. I’ve just posted part 1 of 3 showing what I did during the first week. You can view the evolution here: createthreesixty5.com


On the Manners of Ingesting Books

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed,
and some few to be chewed and digested.”
Sir Francis Bacon, English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 – 1626)

Painting: into her book by {studiobeerhorst}-bbmarie)


Not quite finished but getting there

Just posted results from our third and final week on this project. I’ve got plenty of homework to do on this one! See the whole painting and details here.


At this point, I started getting scared…

…and seriously considered packing it in and going home, never to paint again. But I held on, and things started getting less scary, as you can see right here.