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A Lovely Day for a Birthday!


Today I found a bunch of b-day greetings when I peeked at my email and on my LibraryThing page before heading to art class in the morning, then off to my painting class to work on a fun ongoing project, and best of all, doing work that I’m really happy with as well as proud of (see: Pascale, Step 2). I received a call at midday from a flower delivery man who said he’d left something for me at my landlord’s, then throughout the day I received loads of greetings on Facebook from friends, some of whom I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Gotta love FB with their b-day reminders! :-)

I picked up my flowers as soon as I got home: a huge bunch of pink peonies, which are my favourite spring flower, and most unexpected because a) they’re not usually available by July b) they were sent by a relatively new friend of mine. I didn’t make any plans whatsoever for the evening, as I was really looking forward to some downtime after all the excitement of the weekend, what with a family reunion in Ottawa for my aunt’s 70th birthday, then a flurry of activity with my photo group yesterday, followed by a big meltdown when I met with my OT (too much excitement and not enough rest will do it) then today’s full-day class, so that’s what I treated myself to: a quiet evening at home, with my three beloved furkids, just hanging out. Not much different from my usual, you might say, but I happen to like my usual. I did indulge in a major splurge by ordering a bunch of appetizers from one of my favourite restaurants called Molivos, who make authentic, fresh and delicious Greek food. They’re somewhat upscale and priced accordingly, and I basically ordered enough for a small army; all of it keeps nicely in the fridge so I’ll be able to eat the leftovers over the next couple of few days. Haven’t treated myself to a nice meal like that in a long time. Tomorrow (I’ve just now decided) I’m calling a spa and booking a 90 minute massage. That’s another indulgence I keep forgetting to treat myself to!

Seen Today on C365

(Pascale, detail)

Just posted my latest efforts on, the first step in a 4-week project learning the technique of glazing, an approach used by the classical painting masters which I’ve been curious to learn about for as far back as I can remember.


I’d last shown this piece over on as the one I had submitted to Square Affair, a fundraising art sale for the School of Visual Arts. I just realized that while I’d posted the news on Facebook, I omitted to follow up on my blogs to say that it sold! Of course I’ve sold plenty of pieces of commercial art in the past; logos, brochures, magazine templates, packaging and what have you, but this is my first sale of a personal creation. Pretty exciting and a surprise too as it was purchased on the very last day of the show.

A Tribute to Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud, Girl with Fig Leaf, 1948

Celebrated painter Lucian Freud (grandson of that other Freud), passed away last week at the ripe age of 88, leaving behind an astounding body of work (see the New York Times article here). I’m sad about his passing of course as I’m a big fan of his early drawings which I discovered through a great book I made sure to get my own copy of called Lucian Freud on Paper. I thought I’d do my own kind of tribute by posting an art project I did a while ago (still ongoing) which was inspired by a drawing of his called Girl with Leaves. Just visit here to see what it’s about.