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November roses
A few pics I took today via Instagram

When I woke up today, I actually stayed in bed for several hours (something I NEVER do unless I’m sleeping) and whiled away the time on Instagram. I guess that counts towards my “creative activities” time. Does anyone here know about Instagram? It’s a free app you can get for iPhone or Android, which allows you to take pictures and use a bunch of artistic filters, which you post on their site and others like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr, to name just those (you can also mail them to friends and such). Then people can “like” the photos and/or comment on them, and “follow” you, just like you can with a blog. I’ve started following some pretty creative photographers, which I found by doing searches for tags like “travel” or “cityscape” and so on. It’s all pretty new to me so I’m still figuring out what you can do with this, and want to find a way to post my photos here on From Smiler, with Love. Though wondering… should they go on createthreesixty5 instead? I’ve taken some 125 photos with the app so far, but you can also post photos taken from you camera—though I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that yet. I also don’t know how to send anyone to my photo stream yet…

WAIT! I just found the web link! http://instagram.com/smiler_69/
Most of my pics can also be viewed on Facebook and on my Tumblr page, The Stolen Child.


Speaking of Activism…

This is just a placeholder for now since it’s very late and I’m about to crash after a very (too?) good day. I just happened to be walking down Peel street around lunchtime today. It was a beautiful day and everybody was out and the downtown area was positively buzzing. I heard the protest before I saw it when walked by the Mexican Consulate. Of course the Spanish-speaking person on the loudspeaker caught my attention what with the super cool getup. I know it’s typically Mexican, but we don’t get to see a lot of that here in Montreal. I spoke to one of the organizers and got some info about what they were protesting about—snapped a bunch more pics on my iPhone too—will be posting more about this event soon.

Pic by Smiler